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Welcome to New Zealand's favourite Art Class

The Seasons Art Class run a comprehensive beginner 14 week art course.

Our well proven curriculum will achieve results that will astound you.

Join our friendly team of blossoming artists who have taken the chance to create the art they've always dreamed about.

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  • 3 hour class - Time for yourself to learn, relax and enjoy.

  • All in-class materials supplied, just bring yourself.

  • 14 week course - Lots of time to learn.

  • Qualified Tutor - Comprehensive world-class curriculum.

  • Especially designed for beginners to intermediate.

  • Refreshments supplied.

  • Fun and easy step-by-step course.

  • Meet like-minded people, make new friends.

Only $49* per week. *After $84 deposit 
For 3hrs x 14 week course - All in-class material supplied.
You won't find better value in a lifestyle activity.

For more information and a friendly chat, just click to call
0800 006 200

Take Time to Relax & Have Fun While You Learn


Our training is designed to ensure you progress artistically at a pace you are comfortable with, while seeing improvements in your creative capabilities and self-confidence along the way.

Our tuition and the constant assistance available from both our tutors and class assistants will ensure that you will reach a level of competence that will encourage you to progress further.

You will complete the course with a selection of your very own original pencil drawings, pastel sketches, acrylic paintings and watercolours to cherish.

Your friends and relatives will be astounded at what you have created during your three and a half months with us.


Many students return to extend skills with our advanced lessons

Seasons Art Class Curriculum - Foundatio
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Step-by-step, We Make it Easy & Fun...


Progressive guidance and tuition in the basic techniques and secrets needed to create beautiful pieces of art.


We adapt to each student’s needs and give them all the help they require to develop their artistic skills.


The curriculum is fun, comprehensive & interesting.


Over 14 weeks we will explore four different media:

  • Sketching

  • Oil pastel

  • Watercolours

  • Acrylics

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